Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Further LA restaurant recommendations:

#1 Real Food Daily. Very good vegan food. I recommend the "not-chos" and the veggie burger. My dining companions were very enthusiastic about the hemp "ice cream" which tasted a lot like chocolate ice cream. (I myself am not a big chocolate fan but I did appreciate the novelty--to me, anyway, of hemp ice cream.) Thanks to the faithful reader of this blog and distinguished perinatalogist who took me there last night.

#2 If you find yourself near the Century Plaza Hotel or the Westfield Mall and don't want to have lunch in the mall food court (although it may be the nicest mall food court in the world), cross Santa Monica Blvd (carefully) and try Clementine. Many thanks to the distinguished and methodologically astute historian of religion who took a group of us there two days ago. I had a very good tuna melt and side of roasted brussels sprouts.

#3 Similar to Clementine but more like a grocery store than a cafe is Joan's on Third. I enjoyed my salmon cake and roasted brussels sprouts there too (but I do have to say that the brussels sprouts were better at Clementine. But I thank the distinguished dermatologist and astute observer of the world who took me there with his delightful twin daughters on Saturday night.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Suzanne Vega

Listened to Suzanne Vega (WUMB #114), "Solitude Standing" (1987), while I drank my mid-morning coffee Friday and went through e-mails. I was in a Cathedral but could hear no bells.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jimmy Buffet and Chris O'Brien

Yesterday's CD was Jimmy Buffet, "Jimmy Buffet Live! Feeding Frenzy" (1990)--that's what was in the Carnegie Library in Oakland yesterday. Mr. Margaritaville was #117 on the WUMB list. What can I say? It's Jimmy Buffet. This was a live concert recording and the opening bit where he channels Mel Brooks and/or Carl Reiner is strange--maybe it worked better on stage. With the wind blowing outside, this was not a bad accompaniment to dish-washing, flashlight checking, and reading.

My favorite song on the album was his version of "Jamaica Farewell" (aka "Kingston Town"), although overall I prefer Harry Belafonte.

Today's artist is #116 on the WUMB list--a relative newcomer, Boston-based singer-songwriter Chris O'Brien. He has two CD's out apparently but neither is in the Allegheny County library network. (He did play two concerts in Pittsburgh in the last year, though.) So I'm listening this morning to some of the sample songs on his website. So far, so good. Reminds me a little of Mark Erelli.

And a great line in his song "Rosa": "I'd have followed her to Boston." Now that's true love!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Singer of the Day: Priscilla Herdman

Priscilla Herdman comes in at #118 on the WUMB list.
CD: Daydreamer, 1993.

Children's songs in a folkish mode by Herdman and a number of others.
Listening at home now without the kids and enjoying it. Some cutesy stuff ("Ticklish Tom and Pickeldy Pie" but also a lovely version of "What a Wonderful World."

The WUMB Top 120 Project

A few weeks ago, WUMB in Boston released its list of the top 120 singers as voted by listeners on their website. A friend of ours and an excellent singer-songwriter was voted number 27. If you look at the list, you'll see he's in some pretty good company.

So I decided to print the list and try over the next few months to listen to at least one CD from each of the top 120... I won't go in exact order because I'm getting the CD's from the public library system and not all are available at the same time.