Thursday, August 31, 2006

Miss Manners Thursday

The first letter in yesterday's Miss Manners begins this way:

Dear Miss Manners:

A few nights ago my husband and I went out to try a new Italian restaurant. When our food arrived, Waiter 1 set down my plate, then set down my husband's. Not five seconds later, Waiter 2 arrived, asking, "Would either of you care for some fresh ground pepper?"

This prompts me to share with the world the two things I dislike most in restaurants:

1) Being asked if I want fresh ground pepper. Either the chef seasoned the dish properly or he didn't. If I want to prepare my own food, I'll eat at home.

2) Being asked if I'm "still working on a dish." The chef worked on the dish in the kitchen; I'm eating it and, it is to be hoped, enjoying it. What's wrong with "Are you finished, sir?"

Before anyone responds:
1) I never share these thoughts with the waiters asking these annoying questions at the time. I respond quite politely, "no, thank you" to the first and "yes" or "no, you may take it" or "no; would you please wrap it up"--as appropriate--to the second.
2) I always tip 20%.


Jonathan Potts said...

I've read a restaurant critic complain about always being asked "Have you ever been here before" or "Let me explain the menu to you." It's a valid gripe--most people have been ordering food in restaurants for quite some time.

Judge Rufus Peckham said...

I concur. I eat out far more than I eat "in." Various things irk me. For instance, after I am seated with my menu for sometimes inordinate periods of time, I am invariably asked for my "drink order" and am given the impression that I would be imposing if I ordered my meal at that time. My response is always the same: "I'm ready to order [my meal]." Once in a while the waitress will balk at this and say that she'd like to my drink order first. I, of course, refuse to do that. Per Mr. Potts' post, when I am asked if I have ever been to that restaurant before, I always say, "Many, many, many times." Sometimes I elaborate: "I've been coming here since before you were born." There are certain restaurants in town that serve food that I love, but I avoid them because of the service. If only the owners would wise up and pay closer attention. But when I find a restaurant and a waitress I like, I try to get her every time I go in, and I am a huge tipper. Believe me, I get great service most places I go.

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zp said...

Heads up! The cartoon on page 78 of the Oct 30 issue of The New Yorker! "Yes, I'm still working on it!"