Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Boston and Pittsburgh

I used to live in Boston and now I live in Pittsburgh. Overall, I prefer Pittsburgh, but I'm often struck by how similar the two cities are. In many ways, Pittsburgh is a smaller version of Boston. (I can elaborate at length if you would like me to.)

A few weeks ago, we heard about Bostonians in the robotics industry upset that "Roboburgh" is stealing their thunder. Now a report that Boston should not be complacent about its leadership in health-care and biomedical research. Pittsburgh is listed as one of the smaller cities nipping at Boston's heels. But some of the same issues that have Boston worried--healthcare as an outsized percentage of the local economy and a decline in NIH funding--should have Pittsburgh worried as well.

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Shirah said...

Through a really circuitous route, I found this blog. I know nothing about blogs, so I hope it is okay to say hello, since we had a conversation on the relative merits of Pittsburgh and Boston recently. I hope this is an okay use of a blog comment-option. I'm afraid I don't have anything else to add! Fun blog!