Monday, May 21, 2007

Does the ice cream man want our business?

Another ice cream truck just went by our house playing the traditional ice cream truck melodies and not stopping. This happens once or twice a week all summer. Presumably the thing to do if you want to sell ice cream is to go down a block playing the melodies and stop at the end of the block for a moment to see if anyone emerges from their houses. For some reason, the ice cream men in Squirrel Hill seem to want to let us know that ice cream is driving by us but that we cannot purchase it.

Is it my imagination or is it becoming more difficult--not less--to complete certain kinds of cold summer treat related transactions these days?


Bob said...

Same thing happens in our neighborhood. I think the driver thinks that we're cheapskates who never buy his wares, so why bother slowing down?

Our 4-year-old has been asking about the purpose of the white truck that drives through our neighborhood playing music. We told him that it's the music truck. Heaven help us when he realizes its true purpose.

Chana said...

That's quite amusing!

Our ice cream trucks slow when they see us frantically running out of the house. :-)

Most of the time, the vendors are gathered at parks, however, so it's easy to purchase.