Sunday, December 23, 2007

End of Semester Update

Very little blogging for the last couple of months as I finished revisions to a book manuscript. Look for a weighty tome on the reception of Judah Halevi's Book of the Kuzari sometime next year.

I finished the revisions just before the annual meeting of the Association for Jewish Studies but didn't have a chance to print and mail before heading to the conference. So I was in a bit of a quandary when people asked whether the book was done. Saying yes but it still needs to be mailed to the publisher didn't convince anyone, least of all my editor. So it was a relief to get back from Toronto and actually mail it off.


Menachem Butler said...

When next year? Who is the publisher?

Adam said...

Cambridge University Press. I would guess fall. Title: The Book of the Kuzari and the Shaping of Jewish Identity, 1167-1900.

I hope Michtavim blog will host a virtual book party.

Menachem Butler said...

But of course we will; the Seforim blog would likely have a review too.

Menachem Butler said...

Now that you've submitted the manuscript, do you still have the ability to add additional sources?